You have been there for me no matter what its price my best friend since we faith in Santa Claus you have always stood by me

Short poems in English

And I want to tell you I'll be the friend you'll never have no need to beg, I'll be there you have nothing You still have nothing to worry about..?

Short poems in English

Every drop of our tears is calling for freedom. Save us from those fraudsters. who called himself a leader leader or traitor..

Tears Of Sorrow

I close my eyes and dream Tomorrow's dreams, the way I want things to be. Angel, keep an eye on me. Memories control me, bad storm and cold weather rain that falls from the sky.

Short poems in English

I like this. I'm going to the army And I heard my brother crying at night. Sometimes he begs me not to go, But I want to help people, And this is how I want to do it. I just feel bad. Not me...

When you are happy, look deep into your heart and you will find that it is the only one who Has given you sorrow which is giving you happiness. When you are sad, look again in your heart.

We met secretly I feel sad in the silence, that your heart may forget, Your soul deceives. If I should meet you after long years, How should I greet you? With silence and tears.

Tears Of Sorrow

But his wet eyes tell me a story, Being in solitude and pain; I can read his eyes, and memory, Looks inside every now and then.

Short Tears Of Sorrow

A hand that can no longer be folded- Look at me because I can't sleep And like a guilty thing I crawl Early morning at the door...

I am at the extreme end of the world, I'm not sitting in line with the eminent but those who are lucky sit in the middle and forget..

Tonight I can write the saddest lines. To think that I don't have that. To feel that I have lost him. To listen to that immense night, even more immense without him.

Ah, sad and strange as it is in the dark summer The earliest pipe of half-awake birds Till the dying ears, when till the dying eyes The window gradually grows into a shimmering square..