Tears Of Sorrow, Poetry in English

Got neither life nor favor, Why did every happiness upset us, Hiding the pain with a false smile, What punishment did we get for true love?

She separated from us and made these distances, Don't know why this love has become incomplete, Now what if we get pricks? At least all his wishes have come true..

Tears Of Sorrow

In this loving heart of love suddenly throbbing today Eyes full? Water and then rem miss you don't leave me dreaming too much..

The pain of sorrow surrounds me, When this happens in your memory for a moment, I don't know when that day will come When every moment of this life will pass with you.

Wanting them is my weakness, It is my compulsion not to tell them, Why don't they understand my silence Is it necessary to express love..

How innocent is this heart, how to explain The one you don't want to lose He doesn't want to be yours.

There is a habit of crying without talking, Wants to get someone's side you be happy what is mine I am a mirror, I have a habit of breaking..

picture is in your heart wish you every moment come again in my life left everything in your love Haven't found anything..

Tears Of Sorrow Poetry