love poems for her

If we get a glimpse of you, We start coming on the terrace every evening God bless that day is not early morning, The night they start coming in my dreams..

Wonderful and beautiful, No flowers or trees. More beautiful than that, And only I can see.

love poems for her

cute and caring Right down to the core. fill me with happiness and so much more.

Holds my hand so that I do not lose hope. She considers my dreams as reality, more than me. He doesn't care about the roads She considers herself a wave. There is a girl who knows me better than me.

love poems for wife

If you ever look at yourself in my eyes then right Believe the world is the enemy of love But bowing the world in love is right.

. In love that no one has ever done If you do something like this in love, then right…

When the roses are withered, Where do I get spring? Wrapped in a white sheet, Then how to mix colors..

One day I admired him, More than the limit! Whom I wanted Today their thoughts have changed like the weather, Neither my heart has changed, Nor have my feelings changed.

I want you You like the one who writes poems, therefore, learned to write for you I took my sweet for you..

I want to spend this life with you Either you have to get it or you have to destroy yourself for you.

love poems for her

Don't get so caught up in my breath, Do not increase the desperation of Dil-e-Nadan like this The sound of your anklets makes me restless..

love poems for her

I am forced that he stopped once and made me cry for the whole life, We were not even separated yet, and he forgot us, that I also want to forget,

But it has been stressed with memories of him, I have not been left just like that..