Once Upon a Broken Heart

The pain was too much because of the broken heart, Nothing was achieved by shedding tears for them, He knew the reason for my pain, Still don't deter me from trying it.

Laughing, we are forgetting the wounds, We have started erasing the traces of every pain, Now someone else will be persecuted, will it be good? We are now persecuting the atrocities.

Broken Heart poetry in English

The punishment for crying is the punishment for not crying. This pain is a punishment for fulfilling love, When you laugh, tears come out of your eyes, This is a punishment for putting heart to that person.

The story of my life also became very famous, When I too got lost in someone's sorrow, I had to live with this pain, Something like this I was forced by the hands of time…

Life itself wrote a letter, Qasid has brought the message.. I don't know who did the mistake The blame has come upon us..

I am everything but death is not Religious books are everything but not a lie I am everything in the world but there is no peace Human I am everything but don't have patience.

Loved him more than life, used to remember him every moment every day, Now I can't even pass through those streets, Where he used to sit and wait for him…

It is true that we are afraid of love, Because this love hurts the heart so much, We can hide the tears in the eyes, The world gets to know the pain-e-heart.

Sometimes there is pain, no medicine, The medicine that was found is not Shia They torture like this, like I have no god..